Service area map for Anthemcom

Expansive Geographies

Anthemnet’s expertise reaches across diverse geographies. With a focus on the Sun Belt and other high-growth areas, we bring connectivity solutions to places where they matter most.

R&D: Fueling Innovation for Tomorrow

Research and development is the cornerstone of Anthemnet’s value proposition. The research of our land planning and engineering groups leverages technology to produce insights and solutions that enable our clients to better serve their customers.

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Committed to Excellence

Anthemnet is a leading and diversified communications infrastructure operator. Our commitment to excellence extends across an array of offerings, catering to a diverse clientele and serving a wide range of geographies. We empower all stakeholders we engage on each project to embrace a connected future. 
Anthemnet commits a dedicated project management team to every market in which we do business, all of which are supported by our HQ level executive leadership team.

Our Executive Leadership Team

Brian Richmond – CEO

Steve Daniels – VP of Business Development

Max Cummins – Corporate Strategy Manager

Leo Gomez – Business Operations Manager

Kim Columbo – Program Manager